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St John's URC Church Outside


There is always something happening at St Johns United Reformed Church

Here is our diary for the next few weeks

and see below for special events

Church Diary



Mon    1      1:30pm         Ta’i Chi

Tues   2      7:30pm        House Group

Wed    3      9:30am        Coffee Meeting in Howatson Lounge

                  10:00am       Zumba Gold Session

Thurs  4     10:00am       Art Club

                   7:30pm        Café Church

Fri      5      7:15pm         St John's Singers rehearsal

Sun   7      10:45am       Morning Service led by Church House group


Mon   8      1:30pm         Ta’i Chi

                  7:30pm         Desperate Housewives

Tues  9      7:30pm         Elder's Meeting

Wed  10    10:00am       Zumba Gold Session this week


Thurs 11   10:00am        Art Club

Fri     12     7:15pm         St John's Singers rehearsal

Sun   14    10:45am        Morning Service led by Revd Ron Forster


Mon   15    1:30pm          Ta’i Chi

Tues  16    7:30pm          House Group


Wed   17   10:00am         Zumba Gold Session

Thurs 18   10:00am         Art Club

Fri      19    7:15pm          St John's Singers rehearsal

Sat     20    10:15am       Spring Coffee Morning


Sun    21    10:45am       Morning Service led by Revd Yvonne Tracey

Mon   22      1:30pm        Ta’i Chi

Wed   24     10:00am      Zumba Gold Session

Thurs 25     10:00am      Art Club


Fri      26      7:15pm       St John's Singers rehearsal


Sun    28      10:45am     Morning Service led by Revd Philip Gray

Mon   29      1:30pm        Ta’i Chi



Wed    1     9:30am          Coffee Meeting in Howatson Lounge

                 10:00am         Zumba Gold Session

Thurs  4     10:00am      Art Club


Fri       5      7:15pm       St John's Singers rehearsal


Sun     7     10:45am       Morning Service led by Valerie Taylor

Please Consider


Christian Aid 


Christian Aid helps in long term development projects in 29 different countries .

This year we   will be learning about  'pigeon pea'  project with farmers in Malawi.

They are growing a crop they hope will  withstand  the violent weather  which climate change is forcing on them.

 Christian Aid  also provides emergency funds provide an instant response to crises  such as natural disasters ,

(eg hurricane Freddy in Malawi, the Turkey Syria earthquake ) and human made  catastrophes  such as the Ukraine war.. 

by providing  immediate  food and shelter  and medical care.

 part of the Disasters Emergency Committee 

For more information

20230401_140020 CA leaflet.jpg
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